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Digital Marketing is a great choice for students who are interested in SEO and love to build a career out of it. Students who wish to become writers can easily gain relevant skills by using the new-age digital marketing tools. If your child is ambitious about digital marketing and is looking to build a career in digital marketing, it is important that they are updated to the digital marketing trends. 

Today, there are a lot of resources available for students to learn digital marketing. The most important new-age digital marketing tools to consider while doing digital marketing in 2022 are:


MailChimp is a social transmission and marketing tool developed to correspond and automatize marketing campaigns. It is one of the best digital marketing tools used to advance a website. This tool is used to develop email campaigns that engage with the public.

The main four features of MailChimp are:

Creates content in an advanced way

Custom designs using AI-powered assistance

Tools for analytics

Free plans for beginners

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most capable digital marketing tool to come up with diverse marketing decisions. It helps to track the performance of their sites by using the endless data that Google Analytics provides. It will be very easy for them to figure out the guidelines needed for flexing and growing a website.

The tools for Digital marketing will be much easier for your kid to understand if they are familiar with different coding. Enrol your kid in coding for kids courses. It will help to understand the capabilities of using code in marketing along with the tools mentioned in the blog.

The main 4 features of Google Analytics are :

Helps to convert traffic to your kid’s website

Helps to understand the metrics and dimensions of the website

Creates an organized way to understand your audience

Understand the performance of the kid’s website

3. Google Ads

Google Ads works for relatively all businesses. Google Ads is an affordable and powerful digital marketing tool that helps the website to reach its peak. The main feature of Google Ads is that it helps to drive website traffic to your kid’s site.

4. Canva

Canva can be used as a designing tool and it allows your kids to develop different designs for their blogs and to post on social media. Creating eye-catchy designs will help your kid to get more attention from the audience. Canva can be used to make different designs that will help your kid to attract more audience to their site.

The main features of using Canva as a digital marketing tool are:

Canva helps to create a wide variety of designs.

This tool contains a lot of templates and you can use it to create any type of visual content for your campaign.

5. Trello

Trello is a tool that helps to accomplish content for your kid’s website. It is also the most popular content management tool which can be used by beginners to start learning. This tool helps to create and organize content online.

This tool helps to expand communication skills and helps to organize your digital marketing campaigns.

The main 2 features of Trello are:

Helps to create cards and notes based on the topics of content.

Remote working possibility

To wrap it up

With the tools mentioned in this blog, your kids will be apt enough to accept and supervise their own campaigns. Constant practice and learning will help them become confident and will motivate them to explore advanced areas in digital marketing.

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